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Working with a blog buddy

Who is a Blog Buddy and why do You Need One?

A blog buddy will help you grow your blogging business faster and keep you going even when the going gets tough or seem impossible. Life can be difficult when you try to do everything by yourself.

Many times, when things are not going the way you want it to, you get wary and fed up, and there is a tendency to abandon all your hard work, especially if you were hit by Google’s recent SEO reforms in the name of Pandas and Penguins. A blog buddy can help you to pick up the pieces and start all over again.

Making money online with your blog and earning a passive income is not done by automation or in isolation, you have to put your heart and soul into it, you have to relate and collaborate with people with like minds…other bloggers and online business owners whom I refer here to as blog buddies.

Let’s illustrates this with a nursing mother. Every new mum will agree with me that they are always happy to have someone around them at this crucial time. New mums need someone they can lean on or ask for assistance…and I can assure you, they always need help.

The ‘Dad’ is the nursing buddy, and when mum is tired out  and can’t even reach out for the baby at night, even when the baby’s cry is more like a wail, Dad can get the breast milk from the fridge and feed the baby and rock him back to sleep while mom gets that so very important sleep. Dad and mum do some rotational tasks and look out for each other. So in some ways, dad is like a blog buddy to mum

Your blog or your business blog is like your baby. You need to nurse it and see it grow into what you want it to be. That is what brings us joy as professional bloggers and online business bloggers. However, you need to find blog buddies to work with you, and you with them.

10 Advantages of having a Blog buddy

I have outlined some advantages of having a blog buddy below:

  1. You can learn from each other
  2. Look out for one another
  3. Comment on each other’s posts
  4. Exchange guest posts
  5. Hangout and brainstorm
  6. Review each other’s products or posts
  7. Provide expert advice
  8. Help build a network of blogging buddies.
  9. Encourage you to carry on when it looks like you are losing focus ( may be the other way round :))
  10. Get inspiration from each other.

I can keep going on and on about the need and the advantages of having a blog buddy, but I will stop here today. I have taken up this challenge and that was why I set up the Bloggers’ Hub – a Google Plus community which is thankfully growing day by day.

You may choose to have just one blog buddy or decide to have more. Some pro bloggers recommend between 2 to 10 main blog buddies (whose experience may be relative or comparable to yours) and then have a wider network of blog buddies for wider collaboration.

Do you have a blog buddy? How has this helped your blog? Please leave a comment or suggestions.

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  1. Twitter:
    Very true, all of my friends are bloggers which makes thing very convenient for me. Good advice.
    Dwayne Golden Jr. recently posted…Internet Marketing 101: Lead CapturingMy Profile

  2. MargaritaMargarita01-05-2013


    the advantages of having blog buddies are huge. Especially the inspiration and mastermind. I am a new blogger and I am impressed by the amount of support and unconditional help I get from other bloggers. Thank you for this timely post.
    Margarita recently posted…Resistance To Change | Is It Still Possible To Have Everything You Want?My Profile

    • Lola Stoney ALola Stoney A01-05-2013

      Thanks for your kind comments Magarita. Unfortunately many new bloggers or should I say solo bloggers do not understand this. I have come across amazing bloggers too that are willing to network, help and collaborate with others. I sincerely hope more bloggers get the message and take advantage of this year!
      Really appreciate your taking time to comment.

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