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Top 7 Informative SEO Websites for Business Bloggers

By Money-ways Jan 31, 2015 Business Blogs

Staying Informed With SEO: Most companies are now shifting their focus to business blogs as the ideal way of marketing. It’s important that business bloggers find credible strategies that can help them create traffic pulling blogs, one way to achieve this is by visiting informative SEO websites.

The following are the top 7 SEO websites that business bloggers ought to visit:

 1. SEO Book

SEO book is an amazing site for any person who is passionate about blogging. This is the place to access good blog that will inform you about the latest industry happenings regarding SEO. Even more importantly, it is the ideal site for those who are new to SEO because they can learn SEO basics and more advanced techniques and strategies. Apart from the numerous articles available on the website’s training program, users also have the opportunity to access training videos, SEO tool as well as practical tips.

2. Search engine round table

This is a site that aims at highlighting the best performers in the search engine marketing forums. The website is able to make good reports about the remarkable threads and the reason behind their success. Above all, the other equally important aim of the site is to ensure that all readers have a single source where they can access the best threads in the Search engine marketing forums.

3. Matt Cutts’s blog

On this site, both experienced and novice bloggers have the opportunity to learn more about SEO. It presents a unique prospect to learn more about Google and how the rankings operate. You can also learn about the success of Matt Cutts and how he joined Google.

4.  SEO chat

This is yet another remarkable website that has grown exponentially because of its contribution to SEO. Here, both professionals as well as beginners have an equal opportunity to improve their SEO knowledge.

5.  Search engine journal

Search engine journal is an exciting website for business bloggers who want nothing but success. It is a website designed to teach users about the significance of e-commerce especially when it comes to sales. Indeed, it teaches the significance of blogs in marketing of websites and services. You can also learn more about SEO tools which can be used for assessing websites and the content.

6.  Search engine land

There are many things that business bloggers can learn on this site. It has adequate information about social media marketing and how effective it is in promoting online business. In addition to this, readers will also have the opportunity to learn more about SEO and how to create good blogs for effective rankings. Indeed, it is the ultimate site for business bloggers who want success. On search engine land, bloggers will go through networking experiences that will enhance their skills in search marketing.

7.  Search engine watch

This is the ultimate site to learn all you need about search engine optimization. Bloggers can find very useful information about search engine updates and its impact on how websites rank on leading search engines such as Google.

These are my top 7 websites that I think business bloggers need to visit in order to sharpen their skills. What about you?

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