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5 Social Media Tools That Can Boost a Business Blog

By Money-ways Jan 31, 2015 Social Media

More and more marketers are coming to realize the tremendous benefits of social media for their businesses. Here are some social media tools you can explore.

Annexing the Power of Social Media Tools

In the ever-growing social media field, marketing your business has become an amazing opportunity to connect with potential customers, build strong relationships and expand your network. Hence, one of the easiest, cost effective and simplest methods to boost your business blog is to make use of social media.

There are many social media tools online that can help you improve your presence online and boost your blog. Among them, there are 5 extremely potent and effective social media tools that you can use to maximize your impact online. Make the most out of them in order to enjoy a steady flow of customers and increase the number of social activities on your website.

1. Million Social Help

Million Social Help is a reputable website and forum whose aim is to help companies reach their business goals by improving their social media network strategies. On the website, you can discover the latest updates about all major social media platforms, while on the forum you can create connections with other business users who can share your content for free. Instead of buying Facebook fans, YouTube subscribers or Twitter followers, you can make connections on the Million Social Help forum and get them for free. Enjoy all the features offered by this social network tool here:

2. Viral Content Buzz

On you can get your content viral hassle free, without breaking your budget on expensive tools or hard-to-use marketing products. Viral Content Buzz comes with a unique approach to promoting a business online. With support for Pinterest and StumbleUpon, you can use this tool for gaining a higher social media authority. Viral Content Buzz helps you promote all your articles and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and StumbleUpon, easing the generating real social buzz process while helping you to save precious time.

3. Just Retweet

An extremely easy to use tool specially designed for savvy bloggers who have understood the tremendous benefits of getting their tweets ReTweeted. With this tool, the spam is reduced to a minimum, because most bloggers who use Just Retweet are authority figures, so they are trustworthy. This is why this social media product has such an amazing rating online. Leverage the benefits of Just Retweet by entering their website:

4. You Like Hits

Another social media tool that can boost your business blog is . This tool helps you grow your presence on MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and on many others. You Like Hits is extremely easy to use and also to understand, so everyone can make the most out of this unique social media promotion website. (However, I have my suspicion that some member use bots, despite the site policy stating this is not allowed).

5. Follow Like

This system which focuses on improving your social network presence and on increasing your SEO and backlinks, is a modern social exchange tool whose aim is to create a huge community of people eager to interact one with each other through social networks. Follow Like outlines the importance of a strong connection between your blogs and SEO, bookmarks, backlinks, followers, views, posts, friends and subscribers. Use the system here:

All these 5 social media tools may boost a business blog  and could prove extremely helpful for your business,  the first three are my 'top three' so don’t hesitate to check them out for your benefit. Now what social media toos do you use?

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