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How to Make your Business Blog Content More Shareable on Social Media

By Money-ways Jan 31, 2015 Social Media

Improving the Shareability of Your Content: When developing business blogs, most people focus on creating content and often overlook content promotion. Both of these factors are important to consider when marketing your business blog online.

The proliferation of countless social media web portals has opened up a large number of opportunities for one to share their business blog in order to reach a wider audience. In fact, some social media networks have cropped up to solely take advantage of this growing trend. This new computer industry reality has brought to the surface many remarkable facts about online marketing and communication.

To attract more attention, your blogs must be infused with amazing value, and you can thus no longer simply just optimize them for keywords alone. They must be of practical value to the reader’s real life if they are to stand on their own. Fortunately, the five tips highlighted below will show you how you can make your business blog content more shareable on Social Media.

1. Infuse your Blog with interactive social media sharing buttons

This is unarguably the simplest and most popular way to make the text-based and visual content of your blog more shareable. Any visitor to your blog can share it with all their social media acquaintances almost instantaneously. Social media sharing buttons provide users with a subtle way of informing others of anything they might have particularly liked reading on your business blog. By passing along this information, they are inevitably attracting others to your blog by arousing their interest. Most social media networks have detailed instructions on how you can incorporate sharing buttons in your own blog.

2. Make Your Posts as industry-specific as possible

If you're targeting a specific market within a dull or boring industry, take heart. Social media is your limitless playground. A quick search on Google will quickly reveal diverse social media groups catering to your particular keyword or industry, and thriving on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You are guaranteed to find a large audience of passionately engaged individuals who will be perfect for your business blog. Regardless of what you may think, your target audience will definitely never think that your industry is boring. Their social media groups prove that beyond reasonable doubt.

3. Include custom images tailored to your blog specifically

Custom pictures can optimize business blog content that may sometimes appear dull and lifeless and increase its shareability. When sharing your business blog individually or in a group, on popular social media portals, the featured image related to your particular post is pulled automatically in synch with your actions. Such images provide a great location for adding an action button that the user can click to obtain more details.

4. Create instantaneous rapport

Rapport should be the final result of your efforts to create a relationship of mutual trust between you and your business blog’s audience. Social media has led us expect that all meaningful relationships created online will grow quickly, due to common interests. Social media likes, followers, and other similar searchable snippets can be used to quickly establish all we have in common with others. Developing rapport will thus attract more followers to your business blog, because, just like in real life, it will show them that you are more attentive to their needs. This can be very reassuring in a virtual world that is filled with other distractions.

5. Provide visitors with instant gratification

Instant gratification to all that visit your business blog should primarily be about the effective delivery of high-quality content in gradual bursts. It should also be about improving the lives of your blog readers’. The key point to remember is that quality beats quantity.

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