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Business Blogging: Moving from Fun to Pro Blogging

Are you really into Business blogging?

Business blogging is simply when one blogs about a personal or corporate business or make money through blogging.

Many bloggers did not start out to make money online, but as a hobby to share stuff and stories about their lifestyle.  However, things are changing around the world and the blogosphere is changing too.

According to Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere data, 2011 saw more bloggers taking their blogs seriously.

Although a large number of bloggers are still hobbyist, many are looking for new ways to monetise their blogs – they are looking out for new business ideas and turning to business blogging.

Pieces of truth

  1. Many bloggers think once they put a few adverts on their blogs, they can start generating income like professional bloggers.
  2. Once they add an ebook download to their site, they will become the next ‘Darren Rowse’.
  3. Comment on big blogs every day and you will get thousands of traffic.
  4. Write tons of guest posts all around the web and you are made.
  5. Join a blogging community and bam! You are made.

Why do I call these Pieces of truth? 

I call them Pieces of truth because they are all just like pieces of a large cake. You know when you have a large scrumptious yummy cake sitting on the table right in front of you? A cake can have different layers, with different flavours that adds up to very savoury taste.  If you take just the icing off the cake, you are definitely missing out on the really thing. I am sure you have had of sugar coating?

  • Add different flavours such as vanilla, chocolate or strawberry – if you just take out the strawberry your will miss out on the vanilla taste.
  • The cake may be covered with icing or frosting which can be sugar paste, butter cream or something else.
  • Tiny pieces of fruits, mints, nuts, candies and vegetables may be included, if you just taste a candy piece, you would have missed the nuts or even the cookies.

While the sugar coating on medical pills hides the bitter taste, the sugar coating of a cake hides the real softness and flavour. Unless you have an all-round taste of that cake, you won’t get the full taste of it.

What should you do to turn your blog into a real business?

    1. Do a thorough research on business blogging – visit at least 10 professional business blogs.
    2. The only way you will get to know the secrets of a successful pro blogger is to get a complete book written by one. Read it from the beginning to the end. Don’t stop there, follow every single step and don’t let it gather dust on you PC.
    3. Learn the trade – yes, I called it a trade because every profession is a trade. Watch internet marketing videos, attend webniars organised by the professionals.
    4. Come off the lazy ship and jump on board of the hard working blogger ship. Yes, it’s hard work.
    5. Choose one major product to sell or promote.
    6. Put all the pieces of truths mentioned above together and draw up your own plan and strategies.
    7. Be resilient -keep writing and blogging.
    8. Review and review.

You are likely to struggle when you learn to know, but you will smile when you use what you know to get what you want



Are you moving from fun to business blogging? Share your ideas here.

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LolaIs a Statistician & IT Professional. She is passionate about finding new knowledge and loves sharing it! She is a co-owner of Please leave a comment or share your opinion!View all posts by Lola →

  1. Chetz TogomChetz Togom05-20-2013

    Hi Lola,

    I totally agree that blogging is hard work. You won’t see the results, like traffic or money, immediately. It might take months and not only you have to blog regularly but you also have to market your blog.

    I noticed most people think that if they just blog (even everyday) people will automatically come to their blog.

    Marketing your blog is actually very important. We need to market more than we blog.

    I think your post will help people to realize this. It’s not that easy.

    Nice infographic!

    Chetz Togom recently posted…Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – 3 Things that Influence Your Money BlueprintMy Profile

  2. Dita IrvineDita Irvine03-21-2013

    Hi Lola,

    You really have a good sense of humor. Really enjoyed your post. Some parts actually made me chuckle.

    Your point # 4 “Come off the lazy ship and jump on board of the hard working blogger ship. Yes, it’s hard work.” is so true. Many people think that blogging is just slapping together a few articles and voila money start falling from the sky.

    Blogging for business, just like any other business offline is hard work. You always need to keep up with new developments and you have to constantly update your blog to keep your readers interest.

    Thanks for sharing your thought.


    P.S. Nice infographic
    Dita Irvine recently posted…Make Money Blogging Challenge – Week One ReportMy Profile

    • Lola Stoney ALola Stoney A03-21-2013

      Hi Dita,
      Thanks for your kind comments. I have found out that business blogging is not for lazy people – no time to yawn at all! -:) And I would like to say good luck in your ‘make money blogging’ challenge!
      Lola Stoney A recently posted…50 Website Traffic Generation Training VideosMy Profile

  3. Karen WoodhamKaren Woodham02-05-2013

    All very well put and may I say I love the infographic, works very well in the article, great tips and great advice for those thinking of taking their business blogs even further in to success ;)
    Karen Woodham recently posted…Upcoming Movie The Lost Tree Starring Thomas NicholasMy Profile

  4. Justin GerminoJustin Germino02-05-2013

    I am still part of the “FUN” stage, not really interested in the pro blogger direction anytime soon, though some call me and consider me such, I do it as a hobby and it is very part time, just a passion for me.
    Justin Germino recently posted…Review: Kingston SSDNow V300 120GBMy Profile

    • Lola Stoney ALola Stoney A02-06-2013


      I know and I hope newbie business bloggers too realize that many successful online bloggers (like you) don’t go into blogging for the sake of making money.

      That is why I always recommend that people should only blog about what they are passionate about, because positive passion drives success.

      Thanks very much for taking time to contribute to this post.
      Lola Stoney A recently posted…Affiliate Marketing Strategies For The BeginnerMy Profile

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