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Clear-cut Advantages of Social Bookmarking Websites

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 Social Bookmarking Websites – Why Use Them?

If you create websites then you have probably heard that you should use social bookmarking to either get backlinks to your sites or for getting traffic and visitors. There are many advantages of social bookmarking websites, and not all of them are purely for self promotional reasons. Below are several of the advantages you can gain by using social bookmarking.

1Establishing Your Expertise

When you bookmark sites, don’t just bookmark your own. Be sure to incorporate many different websites, all of which focus on the topic your site specializes in. If your site is about proper dog walking techniques, then you will want to search for other sites that either directly or indirectly relate to walking dogs, and bookmark those as well.

This will show other members of social bookmarking sites several things. It will show that you are not there to simply promote your own site, which will help you gain trust in the eyes of others. It will also show that you recognize and acknowledge the work of others in the dog walking field, which will also help you gain trust.

2Gain Information On Your Competition

If other people are taking the time to bookmark sites related to yours, then use that knowledge to your benefit. Visit those sites and read the content. Look for information that is new or beneficial, and then write your own version of the content on your sites. The bookmarking done by other people is sort of like having your own personal research library that you can turn to whenever you need or want new content on your site.

3Promote Your Business

If you have a website on the Internet, then you want people visiting it, and buying products if you sell them. Whatever it is that you hope to gain by having a site, you can use the advantages of social bookmarking websites to promote your specific business.

Social bookmarking works quite well at promoting sites because you have the opportunity to share your content with hundreds, thousands, possibly even millions of other people who visit the same social sites. If your content is good enough or helpful, people will naturally start to share links to your site, which will do several things. First, it should help bring more visitors to your site, possibly resulting in increased earnings. Second, it may very well help your site raise in search engine rankings. Both of these actions will benefit your business.

4Increase Traffic

Increased traffic to your site has already been touched on above, but deserves being emphasized. When you share your site with social bookmarking, you are encouraging people to visit it. When people like your site, they will bookmark it, share it on Facebook, or take other actions that will bring more visitors to your site.

As you can see, there are many advantages of social bookmarking websites. Using these sites is fairly straight forward and simple. Consider social bookmarking one of the many things you can do to promote your websites. What do you say?

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  1. I don’t really make use of social bookmarking website but I do believe it has positive effect on every blog or website to build traffic and backlink .

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