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Mobile Marketing: Are You Following these 7 Strategies?

Are You Into Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing isn’t easy, and distinguishing yourself from the competition is challenging.  However, as a mobile marketer, there is a need to review your action plan and check if you are implementing these 7 mobile marketing strategies to increase the success of any campaign.


 Target a specific audience. Mobile phones are considered very personal devices by most people and should be treated as such by the marketer. Using location-based promotions will help people to feel that the experience is more tailored to them than something available further away or to anybody with an Internet connection. Know who you are talking to and tailor your mobile campaign to them specifically.


2 Make your campaign personal. You will get much better results if you personalize your campaign to specific users and make them feel special. Use a voucher that they can redeem either at your website or in your store. This is more akin to giving them something tangible and useful that really matters to them.


3 Have a simple call to action. Anything else can be confusing to people, especially on the go mobile customers. Be as short and sweet as possible in your mobile messages, and include a very basic and obvious call to action. The more difficult the experience is for people, the less likely they are to respond. For example, a simple “text back now to receive this offer” will work better for you than “visit our website to learn more.”


4Time your messages. Since an SMS is immediate, what time of day you send it is crucial. Always avoid off-hours where your message will be so annoying that it will be deleted and try contacting people during regular business hours. Studies indicate highest use of mobile devices from noon to around 6 pm, so target that time period specifically.


5Respond right away. Most people suffer from short-term memory loss when using a mobile device or roaming the Internet, which isn’t surprising considering the constant influx of information. As soon as a mobile user answers your call to action, send a response. Auto-response may work best for you, but make sure it’s not too generic or flat. Make it a rule to respond to every incoming message within 24-48 hours, no matter what it’s about.


6 Make them feel special. Letting you into their mobile life is a privilege and as such, you need to thank them in a special way. Make discounts and coupon codes available only to them that are not available to random Internet surfers or walk-ins if your business is brick-and-mortar. Give deeper discounts to those mobile customers who take advantage of your offers more frequently or have freebies ready to send.


6 Gain their trust. People will tune you out as fast as their broadband speed will allow if they think you are trying to trick them or abuse the privilege of having access to their mobile device. Always give them an easy opt-out method and always be true to your word.


Once you get into a groove, your mobile marketing habits will be quick and effortless. Take the time to do it right and see more results!

Are you using mobile marketing? Please share your own experience with mobile marketing below.

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