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Well Wishes to Andy Bailey Creator of CommentLuv: Visited by MonSter

Andy Bailey – the creator of CommentLuv announced some scary news about his health some days back and I am using this medium to wish him well. Multiple Sclerosis is really not good news and this is definitely going to be very challenging for him – but Andy remains optimistic and says it’s not the end of the world!

Andy explained all about his scary news on and the most challenging  and positive news is that  he is still working and trying to keep his customers happy.

I am really very sorry about this news, life hands us lots of scary things. Andy sounds positive and like a fighter.  It is great to know that he won’t let this defeat him despite the big challenges ahead.

By the time I read the message, comments on the blog were already disabled (not surprising as there where so many reactions and well wishes coming in).

Words are never enough when trying to wish someone well… However, we will keep praying for Andy at money-ways.  God bless Andy.

Andy says it’s not the end of the world!

Visit his Facebook page to read more about the MS awareness week.

MS Awareness Week

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